Oliver's Meat Market
Address: 1718 E 6th Ave, Denver, CO 80218


About Oliver's Meat Market in Denver, Colorado

Oliver's Meat Market has been family owned for 5 generations! At the age of 16, Ed Oliver got a job at The Palace Market in downtown Washington D.C. He worked there until 1906.

He came out to Colorado either on a vacation or a business trip, and liked it so much he decided to move his family out to Denver. When Ed told his boss that he was moving, his boss was so heartbroken to be losing such a good employee, that he bought Ed's whole family round trip tickets on the train, so that when he went belly up in Denver he would have a way to get back home. He would never have to use them.
After moving to Colorado, Ed started cutting meat at Belleview Market in downtown Denver. Then in 1923 he opened his own business, Oliver's Meat Market on east 6th Avenue and Pearl Street in Denver. Oliver's sold the meat and Piggly Wiggly®/ Safeway® sold the produce.

Then in 1939, Safeway® elected to venture out on their own. Safeway® retained the lease to the building, so Oliver's and Piggly Wiggly® had to relocate. They decided to move right up the street, just about 5 blocks to 6th and Marion, so as to not to move too far from all of their loyal customers.

In the early 1940's Ed's son, Dick would become a co-owner. Then in the early 1960's Dick's son, Berry E. and also become a co-owner of the business. Ed would continue to work at Oliver's up until his early 90's.  Read more

Then in 2004, Oliver's moved for a 3rd time. Again, they moved just a few blocks away, to 6th and Gilpin, to keep all their loyal customers and hopefully to gain new ones as well. In 2006, Berry's youngest son, Chris Oliver, passed away to leave only three co-owners today. Since then they have been going strong and intend to for many years to come.

If you live in the Denver, Colorado area and would like to learn more about our meat, fish and cheese products, please contact us today!